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Hiking shoes for men - robust footwear for eventful hikes

Whether it's a relaxed day tour or a challenging hut hike: when hiking, you can leave the hectic pace of everyday life behind you and experience nature at its most beautiful. However, it is important that you have the right clothing carry. It should be functional and optimally tailored to the planned route. The shoes that give you secure support and your feet and ankles optimally are of particular importance need to support. It's best to choose a pair of fully-fledged hiking shoes for men, from the grippy sole to the cushioning to the breathable and waterproof upper are ideally designed to meet the requirements of short hikes and long hikes.

In the Fashion-Boots.com online shop we offer you a large selection of fashionable men's hiking shoes at reasonable prices. Including current brand shoes from outdoor professionals Meindl , who are known for their high-quality materials, innovative functions and excellent workmanship. Tip: Use our practical filter function now Discover the right hiking shoes for men online with just a few clicks. Or read on and find out in our guide what the differences between hiking, hiking and trekking shoes are and what you should look for when buying robust ones You should definitely pay attention to outdoor shoes.

Hiking shoes for men: These are the advantages of robust outdoor shoes

Hiking places high demands on footwear. Because your tours usually take you not only over asphalt or paved forest paths, but also over loose surfaces such as stone, mud or snow. Suitable Shoes must therefore not only be made of durable materials, but also offer other functions that provide you with optimal support when hiking. Hiking boots from brands like Meindl are available here many advantages. For example, compared to sports or leisure shoes, they have particularly non-slip soles made of extra-slip rubber compounds. These, together with a distinctive profile, ensure ensure that the shoes give you a secure grip and a high level of sure-footedness on both scree and clay soil or when crossing snow fields.

There are also big differences to conventional shoes when it comes to the sole. Good hiking boots have a cushioning layer that increases walking comfort on uneven surfaces and at the same time Protects your ligaments and joints. In addition to the sole, the shaft, which extends over the ankle depending on the shoe, contributes to greater safety and comfort on your hikes by giving your feet more gives stability. This means the shoe reduces the risk of you twisting your ankle on rocky or sloping paths.

Sunshine is desirable when hiking, but the weather can change within minutes, especially on longer tours or hikes in the mountains. So that in the event of a sudden rain shower or onset To avoid getting wet or cold feet when it snows, good outdoor shoes have an insulating and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. It keeps your feet warm and doesn't let them get wet penetrate the outside of the shoe. At the same time, the membrane's high breathability ensures that moisture is constantly transported from the inside to the outside and is always inside the hiking boots there is a pleasant foot climate. So sore spots and painful blisters don't stand a chance.

The advantages of hiking shoes at a glance

  • High shaft supports the feet and protects against twisting
  • Cushioning midsole relieves strain on ligaments and joints
  • Non-slip rubber sole ensures grip and high level of sure-footedness
  • Breathable membrane protects feet from wind and weather

Hiking, hiking and trekking shoes: This is how the types of shoes differ

Hiking, hiking and trekking are very similar outdoor activities, but they each have their own shoes. Beginners in particular can do this when choosing the best footwear for them unsettle. We will briefly and concisely explain to you the details in which the outdoor shoes for men differ from each other.

Hiking shoes: The term, which comes from English, means nothing other than hiking. However, the name is not used for demanding hikes in difficult terrain, but rather for leisurely day trips or walks in nature - the so-called hikes. Hiking shoes for men are therefore usually light and have a low shaft for a high level of comfort and the greatest possible freedom of movement. The rubber soles of hiking shoes are usually soft and flexible and with a moderate Profile that is ideal for exploring light terrain.

Hiking shoes: In contrast to hiking shoes Hiking shoes for women and men are designed for outdoor adventures in challenging terrain. Typical features are soles made of firmer rubber compounds and with a coarser profile, which can be used on slippery surfaces such as gravel and mud provides a secure hold in inclined positions. Another important feature is the medium-high to high shaft, which protects against accidents due to twisting when hiking in low or high mountain regions.

Trekking shoes: Unlike hiking shoes for men, trekking shoes are intended for multi-day tours with medium to heavy luggage. They have a high and stable shaft and a more flexible Sole as a hiking shoe that is suitable for different surfaces.

Buying hiking shoes for men: This is what you should definitely pay attention to

When you order new hiking shoes for men online, you should definitely pay attention to the following things in addition to the design:

Size: A good fit is important so that the hiking boots do not pinch and possibly cause blisters. We recommend that you wear your shoes half a size to one size larger than your normal ones Order street shoes. This means there is still space if your feet swell or you want to wear warm socks.

Last: Not every foot corresponds to the norm. If you have a rather wide or narrow foot, you should pay particular attention to the last. This is why most manufacturers offer their hiking boots normal, wide and slim fits.

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